2. Design some decent looking promotional material

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2. Design some decent looking promotional material -----

Sep 27, 2013 at 12:07 PM | RadioDanny  in Industry

Well as you guessed, you are going to need some promotional material: bios, fact sheets, cover letters, photos this is important that your audience knows something about you and your music, it might give DJ’s some insight into what material you’ve done in the past and what’s on the horizon for the future.
My advice to help musician’s promote their careers would be to make your promotion material as informative as possible, include past press releases, or bio’s, and write ups you may have had in the past and organize into a professionally written bio.
Do research with your possible targets as to how your promotion material is to be delivered; with the rise in internet technology you will find a lot of DJ’s and record companies prefer to have promotional material sent via email. It’s important your product looks visually good, if not it could get lost among the rest of promo material they receive on a weekly basis.
Make sure you don’t forget a reaction form, you need to know what these DJ’s and record companies are thinking about you and your music.


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