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How to sell your music or audio ? -----

Dec 14, 2013 at 2:47 AM | RadioDanny  in Industry

So, you’re a budding independent music producer, solo artist or part of a group that
has been making the music for the masses, but don’t know what step to take in order
that you can have your music selling on CD and in stores, well read on and I will let
you know the best way to achieve your goals.
What’s the point of making all this music, but still can’t get the deal with a record
company to enable you to move to the next level and have your music selling in

Where should I start, what should I be doing, how can I have it looking like those
CD’s I see in the store, how can I get it in the stores, these are a few of the questions
you might be asking yourself.
This report is designed to help you overcome what may seem a daunting task, of
getting your music on a CD that can sell in stores.
Over the past decade and more we have seen the rise of digital music, what I mean by
this is the recording of music has moved away from Analogue recording as we know
it; this is not to say Analogue is dead in the water as this is not the case, it is still used
and preferred by some.
But there’s no getting away from the fact that digital is now the preferred choice for
many as you may or not already know.
With the rise of the digital revolution, we no longer need to be experienced musicians
to make music digitally, or require the big recording studio’s with heavy financial
costs, in fact it has opened the door to all those that wish to use it.
You can record almost anywhere within reason with the use of a decent computer,
along with a good software package of your choice. With your computer you are not
limited to where you can use it, you could be at home tonight, at a friend’s tomorrow
or even on holiday somewhere, you can still make the beats.


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