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Ever changing radio imaging -----

Mar 02, 2018 at 8:51 PM | BigDC  in Radio

Radio is changing it's sound and sometime's it is hard to keep up with that change.
Some want to have the more nostalgia sound with singing jingles (Which most are over rated and over used in states not sure everywhere else but I myself tend to change the station when I hear it)

Imaging is the MOST important thing to have and to engage the listener to keep them "Hooked" in to the station and make less boring that is how listeners leave.

Even though the voice has a lot to do with it (That is why it's best to always pick the right voice) but also the producer as the major influence of it (The time it takes to create the perfect sound to fit that particular format.

Some try to sound BIG but are really trying their best to recreate what they hear.

If you're getting into the imaging portion of radio be prepared to spend some money.

Ask yourself "Can I afford that VST or can I afford that package?" I have nearly everything under the sun and still cost when something new comes along.

If you're getting into radio for voicing a good mic and the good DAW is all you need, Learn how to work your voice where it doesn't seem like you're screaming. The rest is all up to the producer to make you "Rock" it...

With that said, Always shop around for the best voices and producers and I promise you that your station will sound bigger than it really is.



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March 09, 2018 - 2:05 PM
I had submit this article to DIGG... keep it up
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