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Are you looking for a career in Voice over? Som...

Apr 01, 2018 at 11:40 AM | BigDC in Voiceovers
Here are some things you need to know before you enter the wonderful world of voice over.

1.There is billions of us. YOU will have competition better prices,better voices...Some do this for $5.00 clients are looking for cheap not necessary BEST or GREAT just the low price which sometimes include static,poor reading of the script,etc....If they're paying $5.00 don't expect yourself to get momentum gain I have personally worked with some of the best in the business and continue to do so,Building a circle IS the number one thing no matter if you're ONLY producing, voicing, OR maybe both.

2.MONO MONO MONO MONO!...Record a single voice in MONO IT CAN be done. (The producer can convert it into stereo to mix if he sees fit)

3.If you're criticized it means someone is taking their time out to critique you don't take it personally. LEARN from it and BETTER yourself.

4.Don't worry about NOT breathing while recording...Producers can silence breathing breaks.

5.Be prepared to make revisions NOT everyone gets it the first time....YOU will make mistakes.

6.Last thing to mention to anyone wanting to get into the business start by making connections to vets of the business get pointers. Also make connections with a few producers ask if they're willing to make your demo to start out (BE READY TO SPEND MONEY) for a more professional one..

Have fun and enjoy your new career!
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Best Voiceover descends on Chi Town! August...

Jul 26, 2012 at 12:25 PM | RadioDanny in Voiceovers
Best Voiceover Showcase.....

On Saturday, August 25th 2012 the multi-talented Joan Baker and her equally gifted husband Rudy Gaskins will be hosting yet another "That`s Voiceover" in Chicago Illinois!

Previous successful events have been held in New York and Los Angeles California where prior winners have gotten to do voicing for TV spots on major Networks and received the TLM 102 by Neumann, a top brand Microphone for which Joan has been the Voiceover spokesperson since 2008!

Are you often told you have a wonderful voice? Well as Joan, the recognized "Queen" of the voiceover industry will tell you and who is also the author of the highly successful book, Secrets of Voice-over Success, there`s a bit more to it and you will get a crash course at this event!

This year also includes speed dating, which means your demo reel will be presented to the top industries in voiceover and will be picked by a lottery and the winner will also voice a "Promo" that will run on NBC Chicago! Additionally, Top Agency Stewart Talent Chicago will meet and interview (with the possibility of future consideration) the winner.

Various giants in the VO industry have attended and participated in previous events such as Rolonda Watts from the popular--- The Rolonda Show--- And also these individuals listed below:

Announcer, Late Show with David Letterman

Alan Kalter

Voiceover Actor

Valerie Smaldone

Voiceover Actor

Rodd Houston

Voiceover Actor

Joe Cipriano

Voiceover Actor

Bill Ratner

President, TGMD Talent Agency

Vanessa Gilbert


Chief Creative Officer of Grey New York

Tor Myhren

This year more highly respected people in this field will be participating and although I won`t name them all--- Here is some brief information on Pat Fraley who is coming in from California to support this event and Deb Doetzer, Chicago`s own!

Industry Legend, Pat Fraley!

Ed Asner "If you`re ready for an audio version of Cirque du Soleil, look no further than Pat Fraley."

Brad Garrett "Pat Fraley is such a gifted and passionate coach that immediately after taking his class I became a hand model. He`s truly brilliant. Bring your wallet."

Patrick Fraley Brief Bio

Patrick Fraley is one of the best known and respected voice-over people in North America. He has been performing and teaching for 39 years. As a performer, he has created voices for over 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten of all time to be cast in animated TV shows. As a teacher, Pat has guided more performers into meaningful voice-over careers than anyone in the history of VO Instruction.

Pat Fraley shares...

We performers are in the amusement business. `Amuse` in Greek translates to--- "Not think." Having a purpose, like participating in "That`s Voiceover", and supporting the Alzheimer`s Association puts meaning into a performer`s life.`"

Rudy and Joan Baker are wonders and sharing the stage in any way is a privilege. That`s how I get better. There`s an old saying, "When the tide comes in, all the boats float. My dingy will be sailing along with a couple of yachts."

"I`ll be taking volunteers and teaching some storytelling and dialogue skills for audiobook narration. The Audiobook Market is on fire. So much work available. Five years ago, 2400 books were recorded into audiobook versions. This year, it`s 43,000."

"That`s Voiceover" and the donations. which will be made to the Alzheimer`s Association, is close to home. My mother suffers from Alzheimer`s and it was her encouragement that lead me to my career as a voice over performer. What a fit, huh?"

He lives and works out of Hollywood Heights, California.

For further information on Pat, do visit the below link:


The Gifted Deb Doetzer!

Deb Doetzer shares...

Any idiot can face a crisis. It`s the day to day living that wears you out!

~ Anton Cherkov, Russian Poet

I am also a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, although sometimes we are hard pressed in the moment to know what that reason is, it is usually revealed soon enough and even hardships we face will always make us stronger in the long run.

I am honored to be a part of "That`s Voiceover" this year and although I have never met Joan or Rudy, they have been so lovely and welcoming I already feel like I am part of their family! I am grateful to be able to give back to the community I so love--- This career has been a blessing and through my teaching I feel like I am giving back a small part of all the support that was given to me when I was starting out.

Wishing everyone success in making their dreams a reality!

Deb Doetzer Brief Bio

Deb has been working in voiceover, theater and improv for almost two decades. A proud member of all three performer`s unions (AEA, AFTRA and SAG), her voice has been heard for such national accounts as Blockbuster Video, State Farm, McDonald`s, Nestle`s Toll House, Kraft Mac and Cheese, Ford and Red Lobster, among numerous others. Deb is currently the voice for Emmi, an interactive medical website, and can be heard on various PlayStation, Gamecube and XBox games, as well as on a few slot machines in various casinos across the country. Deb is currently an ensemble member of Rivendell Theatre Ensemble, where she was last seen in the critically acclaimed performance of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4. Deb has performed in Shear Madness with both the Chicago and Boston companies, and has also worked at The Annoyance Theater, Eclipse Theater and Improv Olympic.

For more information on the extremely talented Deb Doetzer, do visit the below link:


From left to right, Karen Jacobsen, the voice of the GPS system and Top Agent Billy Serow from Abrams Agency in New York, one of the top industry professionals on the Voiceover New York Panel and Voiceover Queen, Joan Baker

Rudy Gaskins with wife, Joan Baker

Joan just recently hosted a successful tribute to her good friend, the legendary and now sadly deceased Don LaFontaine that took place in Hollywood with some of the biggest lumanaries in the industry.

This event was created by his wife, Nita Whitaker LaFontaine who will also be presenting the Don LaFontaine tribute at That`s Voiceover at the newly established Voiceover New York.

In closing, the craft and business of voiceover can be a very enjoyable and lucrative field. Joan and Rudy, co owners and creators of Push Creative Advertising for years have been giving people who have "The Goods" employment. I also feel blessed to share this information knowing how many people are in a desperate search for work in our current economy and I too also have a beloved Uncle who died suffering from Alzheimers.

The actual press release is below for more detailed information and more insight can also be found on the links directly below:


So--- Do you have what it takes?



JOAN BAKER, author of Secrets of Voice-over Success (foreword by DAVID HYDE PIERCE) and NBC 5 Entertainment Reporter LEEANN TROTTER host an entertaining and immersive day of hands-on practical career guidance, as well as an American Idol-styled audition, complete with industry judges. At a time when "jobs" is the word of the day, That`s Voiceover! brings newcomers and professional voiceover talent together with the teachers, buyers and producers who make jobs a reality.

Attendees will meet and hear from the talented voices behind movie trailers, TV & radio ads for, DISNEY ANIMATION, THE SIMPSONS, THE OSCARS and EMMYS, AMERICAN IDOL, the NBC OLYMPIC GAMES, HBO, SHOWTIME, VERIZON WIRELESS, BET, ESPN and countless others. These consummate pros will separate the facts from the fiction about BREAKING INTO THE VOICEOVER BIZ. Even seasoned voiceover actors find incredible guidance as the conversation delves into best practices for enhancing and revitalizing careers in an industry of evolving trends.

Says Rudy Gaskins, co-creator of That`s Voiceover!, "Voiceover acting is an intriguing career opportunity that`s growing at an enormous rate. Because of its largely anonymous existence, it`s very difficult for newcomers to get information and training from reputable sources. We fill that gap."

That`s Voiceover!, produced by Push Creative Advertising and Joan Baker has become the most respected events of its type anywhere in the world, drawing from the top voiceover talents in the field as well as the agents, creative directors, marketing executives and advertisers who make up the wider voiceover community.

And the proof is further evidenced by A-list panelists like Joan Sparks of Stewart Talent, Kiki Powell of Chicago`s McGarry Bowen Advertising, Jay Wadhwa of NBC and the voice of HULU, Dave Fennoy.


SAG AFTRA, BACK STAGE, Sennheiser Electronics, Stewart Talent Agency, the Alzheimer`s Association, Swissotel, Neumann Microphone Company, SAG-AFTRA and Push Creative Advertising are major sponsors behind what is a growing success to expand employment opportunities in the exciting and often lucrative field of voiceover acting. And, as is the case with Joan Baker`s breakthrough book, Secrets of Voice-over Success (foreword by DAVID HYDE PIERCE), contributions from this event will benefit the ALZHEIMER`S ASSOCIATION.


CONTACT: Rudy Gaskins at 212-269-0700
Push Creative, Inc.

1697 Broadway, Suite 500

New York, NY 10019
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‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Opts For Alternate V...

Jul 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM | RadioDanny in Voiceovers
Just a day or so ago we brought to you the first teaser trailer for the big screen return of Superman in Man Of Steel. Voiced over by Kevin Costner, playing the hero’s adopted human father Jonathan Kent, the footage gave just a hint of what we can expect from next year’s anticipated release. To add to that, a new second teaser has been released, boasting no new footage but simply an alternate voice-over from Russell Crowe, representing Superman’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El.
Whilst many will be scratching their heads in puzzlement over the marketing decision, it does seem a logical and intriguing option adopted. The differing trailers do offer the suggestion that the family dynamic surrounding Clark Kent (Henry Cavill), or Kal-El if you are Kryptonian, will remain a focal point in Man Of Steel, with Clark’s emotions thrown into play with his two fathers at the forefront of his mindset and life decisions.
Personally, the influence (and possible opposition) of both fathers becoming somewhat of a difficulty to choose between for Clark, would enable the film to garner some much needed realism and throw emotional grit into the proceedings – something that has proven successful in the likes of the Batman trilogy of late.
They will stumble. They will fall…In time, they will join you in the sun.
If Jor-El’s words are an early indicator, Man Of Steel is set to be unleashed on an epic scale and revitalise another of DC Comics’ trademark heroes.
Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Kevin Costner, Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Amy Adams, Man of Steel is out 14 June 2013.
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The Oscars Petition Gets A Voice

Jun 15, 2011 at 7:55 PM | Adam in Voiceovers recently teamed up with a group of voice actors to create a public service announcement for the petition encouraging the Academy of Arts and Sciences to introduce a Voiceover Performance category at the Oscars.

Voice actor Andy Boyns originally brought up the idea of a PSA in a conversation with Social Media Manager, Ashley Hall. Together they approached Pablo Hernandez, a voice actor with previous experience creating PSAs, to discuss the idea and assemble a cast.

"This was a collective effort between Pablo, Scott, Andy, Lori, Doug and myself. I am extremely pleased with the support and enthusiasm we have received from the voiceover community in regards to the Oscar Voiceover Petition," says Ms. Hall. "All of the voiceover talent involved with this PSA project are so talented and creative. What a great group of people to work with!"

The PSA is a volunteer effort with one common goal in mind, to achieve recognition at the Oscars for the actors who give outstanding performances off-camera.

Scott Fortney, voice talent and PSA Producer, asks, "If you can get an award for sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, art direction and makeup, why are voice actors' contributions ignored? Try watching "Toy Story 3″ with the sound muted. Not such a great story without the voice actors to bring the characters to life, is it?"

The petition is going strong with 675 signatures. hopes to reach 2000 signatures in time to present the idea for consideration before next year's nominations are considered and the respective nominees are announced.

A true testament to the age of the Internet the project came into fruition with participants from far and wide including Puerto Rico, the UK, Canada and the USA.

Pablo Hernandez indicated, "Everything was done via e-mail and via private messages on Facebook. The entire collaboration process was really easy, all the voice actors and voice actress involved in the project are all voice over professionals that work on {these kinds} of projects."

Click here to download the Oscars Petition PSA.

To view the petition, visit: http://www.thepetiti...oscarspetition/

Cast and Credits:

Pablo Hernandez (Executive Producer & Copywriter)
Scott Fortney (VO talent & Audio Producer)
Andy Boyns (VO Talent)
Lori Taylor (VO Talent)
Doug Warner (VO Talent)

Source: Vox Daily

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Celebrity Voice Overs Gaining Popularity

Jun 09, 2011 at 2:00 AM | Adam in Voiceovers
Over the last decade the use of celebrity voice overs for television commercials has grown in leaps and bounds.

During the Oscars program this year there were twenty-four percent more ads featuring celebrity’s compared to last years program which had just four percent. Most of the ads this year featured celebrity voice overs rather than on-camera appearances.

With the jump in celebrity voice overs it seems clear that in the minds of marketing gurus it’s worth every expense. Because celebrities are recognizable, people tend to have an emotional response to the sound of their voices. They remember them from their favorite movies and from the media. The more distinct the voice the better. People are therefore more likely to gravitate to that product over the competitions because they have an emotional connection to it.

Whether or not celebrity voice overs hurts or helps the industry is still up for debate. Some voice actors feel that celebrities are taking jobs away from the hard working talent who make a living doing voiceovers.

“Current day celebrities don’t need the money and are taking jobs away from unknown actors who do voice overs, many of which are just as good and some of them much better.” says veteran actor Paul Dooley. “The funny thing is that the large majority of listeners don’t even recognize the celebrity’s voice out of context.”

Good or bad, the once anonymous industry is getting some Hollywood limelight.

Written by Lin Parkin · Courtesy of Voice Over Times

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What Do Some Of The Top Growth Industries Have ...

May 30, 2011 at 9:50 PM | Adam in Voiceovers
According to a new report by IBISWorld USA, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) leads the list of the ten industries expected to see the highest growth rate between 2010-2016. Also on the Top 10 list are video games and Internet publishing.

This is good news for the voice over industry. These sectors regularly require voice over talent for their audio needs and could become major contributors in the job market for voice talent as they grow.

The voice over industry is said to be over $11 billion strong which is divided across a huge span of niche markets including Business, Cartoons, Documentaries, Educational Video, Internet, Jingles, Movie Trailers, Music, Podcasting, Radio, Telephone, Television and Videogames.

Corporate projects currently lead the bread and butter jobs for the voice over industry. An increase in voice over jobs for video games would give talent the opportunity to stretch their creative muscles more often and with the growing popularity of Internet publishing as a new method for entertainment programming voice actors may see more opportunities to work on projects in online broadcasting.

Over the last two years has seen an increase in Internet job postings which seems to suggest that there is the potential for these growth industries to lean more toward e-commerce sites to search for, audition, and cast their projects.

The future is looking bright.

Source: The Atlantic/

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