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Concerns with the New Site

Mar 31, 2011 at 4:20 AM | Adam in RadioDaddy
Hello all,

I've recently been receiving a lot of complaints through various PMs, forum posts, article comments and e-mail. I wanted to take a minute to address some of your concerns regarding the new website.

Let me start by saying this: It was either new RadioDaddy, or none at all.

If you didn't know, we launched into the upgrade early because our hosting company shut us down for using excessive resources. Our site was growing too big (30,000 members, almost 150GB of audio files), on old forum software from 2008. The forum software finally hit a point where it was causing our server to crash and constantly re-boot. If we didn't launch the upgrade when we did, all of our data would have been corrupted and we would have had to start completely fresh. This would've meant a lot of unhappy users..

So, like I said before, our options were to upgrade, or discontinue We chose to upgrade.

Now, onto concerns of members:

-One Post Per Day
Yes, this is correct. Not one request per day, one post per day. This is put into place so we can discourage users from taking advantage of our volunteers. Once a user has hit 30 posts, this restriction will be removed. This way, users that wish to contribute to our site can do so, and we know they are really serious about it.

-Reputation System
When we upgraded the reputation system, we were able to save the reputation points, but the comments were not transferred because this new site does not allow for reputation comments. To leave a reputation point, all you have to do is click the green plus on the bottom right of the post. We had planned on starting fresh, everyone with 0 reps, but I took that extra few hours of my time to try and save them and fortunately I was successful.

-Replying to Posts
This is the same as the old RD, to add a reply to the entire topic, hit Add Reply at the top or bottom of the forum post. To reply to a certain user, scroll to their post and hit Reply at the bottom of the post you wish to reply to. A quote of that post will appear when you are typing your reply.

-View New Content
To view the content posted since the last time you visited the website, click "View New Content" on the top right of any page. Once you are there, make sure the Forums tab is selected. We realize that there are some problems with the View New Content page, but it is an issue with the board software and the creators are fixing it and will be updating our board software in the next few months.

-Who Downloaded?
This was a custom add-on to our old board by a programmer that is no longer around. We will be implementing this soon, but it may take a little while for us to implement it.

This will also be implemented a little later down the road.

I will add more to this list if you have more concerns, feel free to comment below.

I am the sole technician of this entire website. I do not get paid, I volunteer my time. Coding something like a shoutbox, as simple as it may seem, takes days of coding by people who work 9am-5pm programming. I do not have that much free time so something like that may take me a few months. If you are an experienced PHP programmer that wishes to volunteer your time, you are welcome to contact me.

And as always, if you have questions about new features or can't find the button to do something, PM me! You'll get an answer quicker by PMing me than posting in the forums. I welcome your suggestions also.

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New Features

Mar 18, 2011 at 8:10 AM | Adam in RadioDaddy
Welcome to the new and improved!

If you don't know me, my name is Adam and I'm an administrator and site tech here at RadioDaddy. In this short article, I'm going to go over some of the new features we're bringing you here at RadioDaddy.

First of all, the rules have been updated, I would re-read them, familiarize yourself with them because "I'm new" won't be a valid excuse.

We are now running on a VPS or virtual private server. This means you should be experiencing faster speeds!

So, here are just a few of the key things that are new:
  • Articles! (What you're reading right now!) We encourage you to share your knowledge in the forums! If we see something useful, we can promote it to an article to share with everyone!
  • Reputation System (This is a big one, now, to give reputation, simply click the + in the lower right hand corner of the post. It's now simpler than ever!) Users are now rewarded for high rep points with a badge in their profiles if they have over a certain number of reputation points.
  • Facebook Connect (Sync your profile here with your FB profile, import statuses, profile pictures, etc. Go to Edit My Profile and click on the Manage Facebook Connect tab, or Click Here
  • Forums (These aren't really new, but we've trimmed them down so there are less places to post, we'll keep all of the requests centralized.)
  • Free Requests - Members are now limited (physically by the board software) to 1 post per day. Want to remove that limit, upgrade your account for a small fee!
  • Subscriptions - These are semi-new. Elite members will have access to the forums (no request limit) and will also have access to our exclusive areas including videos, reviews, tutorials, and more when they become available.

That's all I can really think of for now. If you have any questions, check out the help section (via the toolbar).

RadioDaddy on!
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