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Help Topic: How to Post a Request

To request your free voiceover, here's what you do:

-Create an account on RadioDaddy.
-Read the rules of the site, this is very important!
-Head to the forums by clicking "Requests" at the top.
-Scroll to the "Free Voiceovers" area and click on it.
-From the list of available options, click on the category that best fits the voiceover you are going to request.
-Click "Start New Topic" at the top right part of the forum.
-Include your script, and any special pronunciations. Please use punctuation and complete sentences.
-Scroll down and hit Post New Topic.

That's it! Come back later and see if someone has responded to your request!

If you haven't received any replies for 48 hours, send a PM to a moderator and we will bump your request. Do not bump it yourself!

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