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Generic Bits Forum Rules

Forum Rules

IMPORTANT: 'Generic Bits' RULES The following rules are in place for ALL members in the 'Generic Bits' Forum:

?What is the 'Generic Bits' Forum for?
This forum is for exchanging generic bits which are NOT COPYRIGHTED material.

?Posting Rules
Anyone found to be intentionally "trashing" or "trolling" in another user's thread will be suspended. As well no copyrighted material is allowed in this forum unless you can prove that the copyright is owned by you or that you have permission to distribute the work freely. If copyrighted material is found in this forum the user who posts it will be warned the first time and suspended the second time.

This forum is not a place for you to criticize another user's post or reply. Please allow time before expecting people to reply to your request, and DO NOT talk down or henceforth please be kind to those radio voiceover pros who reply to your post(s).

Keep your posts clean.

Please understand that most of the voiceover professionals that reply to your post are in business too, therefore please consider their services at a later time as nobody works for free.

?Helpful Details
The poster must provide a copy of the script of which they are seeking voicing. And not, simply, direct users to contact them via email, pm, etc to find out about the details, etc.

?Account Suspension
A first violation of the forum rules may result in a minimum of a three day suspension from the 'Generic Bits Forum' to give the poster time to review and understand Forum Policy. Any further violation will result in your account being permanently disabled.

?Community Leaders
The RadioDaddy Community Leaders will have the final say as to what is and isn't a violation of Forum rules.

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