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Posted August 09, 2011 - 1:11 PM

Hello Radio Daddy,

New user here.. recently finished up a broadcasting arts course here in Vancouver BC, and was thinking of trying to get into voice overs.. i cut a short demo for the users here to hopefully give my some feedback, positive or negative, of course. But I hope some of you like it!

Thanks for taking the time and I really hope to get to know the community here!

Joe Schroeder

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Posted September 29, 2011 - 3:58 PM

Hello Joe, welcome to RadioDaddy. You have some good material, and a good voice. In my opinion, you have a style, but you have not learned to use it 100%. Let me give you my feedback one spot at a time:
1. Rodgers: I feel that you sort of rushed through things. It was hard to understand "you've got enough on your plate... business communications." For a demo, especially, make sure everything is understandable. Other than that, I like how I can understand the questions you asked and that you are familiar with what you were pitching in the commercial. I believe it is very important to know what you are talking about in order to make the listener believe you.
2. Wendy's: I found nothing wrong in this one, I liked it and think it is your style! I heard your energy and felt like you've tasted the chicken sandwich. I might even go get one right now =P
3. Lexus: The beginning of this one was sketchy. I think you could have been more dramatic. Again, felt it a bit rushed (at the beginning). Take your time, relax and get a bit more passionate with it.
It's a real good start, Joe. I don't think you are trying to sound like a Radio guy, I really think you have your own style and you can go with that. I wouldn't really move any dials, as far as style. Like I mentioned, in some situations you might want to make sure you get into the voice over a bit more. I do believe voice over is an art, so you have to put yourself into that particular moment. Even if it's selling fancy car, think about what voice would make you buy it. How should you sound? Hopefully my opinion is a little helpful to you.


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Posted September 29, 2011 - 4:06 PM

I agree with have good material and a nice voice, but that first one is definitely rushed, the second one was nicely done, a different voice, with a country like delivery... the only criticism I have is the last one, and it is more technical...i heard lots of ppopping ppp's in there, pursuit of perfection was not perfect...check mic placement and see if you can do that one again without the popping. Other than that sounds like you have a good start!

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